Fertile Fireman's Relief Association

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Brian Grunhovd

Relief President Call at 218-289-3759

Reid Jensrud

Relief Vice President.

Travis Fuchs

Relief Secretary

Cory Ystenes

Relief Treasure

Stanton Wang

Gaming Manager

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The Fertile Firefighter's Relief Association is a nonprofit corporation organized under Minnesota State law. The Relief Association exists to provide a retirement incentive for the paid on-call firefighters that serve the City of Fertile, Minnesota, and six surrounding townships. The Relief Association is a legal government entity that is separate from the City of Fertile and the Fire Department.

The Fertile Relief Association provides a lump sum payment service pension as a benefit to its retired members. Members who complete 20 years of service or more are eligible to receive a service pension. Members who do not complete 20 years of service, but complete a minimum of 10 years of service, are eligible for a lump sum benefit payment. The value of the lump sum is prorated based on the member's years of service. Per Minnesota State Statute, a member is eligible to receive their pension once they have reached the age of 50 years and have separated from the Fertile Fire Department. A Board of Directors consisting of nine trustees manages the business of the Relief Association. They have a fiduciary responsibility to the Members of the Association, the State of Minnesota, the City of Fertile, and its taxpayers to prudently administer the firefighter's retirement monies according to Minnesota State Statute the established Bylaws of the Association.

The elected Board Members serve three year terms on a rotating basis; President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and two trustees are elected from the current membership, with two positions elected a year. The three remaining trustees, the Fire Chief, the Mayor, and the City Administrator, serve on the board per state law.

The Relief Association's primary funding source is the State of Minnesota, which levies a 2% tax on all fire insurance premiums paid in the State. These State aid monies are allocated to the State's Municipalities according to a formula that considers the population and taxable property of the municipality. If the Relief Association's monetary fund becomes underfunded to the extent the State aid is not sufficient to meet the Association's benefit requirements, the municipality, in this case, the City of Fertile, would be required to fund the difference.  

Board of Directors

President: Brian Grunhovd Vice President: Reid Jensrud Secretary: Travis Fuchs Treasurer: Cory Ystenes Trustee 1: Chris Peterson Trustee 2: Fire Chief: Jason Haas Mayor: Dan Wilkens City Appointed: Stanton Wang

*Board terms expire at the end of the listed year. The Fire Chief is required by State Statute to be a Trustee and the City Council appoints 1 persons to represent the City on the Board - traditionally these positions have been the City Council members, City administrator and one elected official from the City Council, currently the Mayor.

Charitable Gambling

The Fertile Fire Department Relief Association is an organization set up to raise money in order to contribute to community programs and to the City of Fertile for use on public safety equipment and training.

The relief association raises funds through lawful charitable gambling conducted at The Other Place Bar, Erickson’s Smokehouse Bar and Grill, and Side Street Bar N Grill. Employees of the association sell pull-tabs and e-tabs from booth space rented from the bar.

The Osseo Fire Department Relief Association abides by all established rules and regulations regarding the distribution of charitable gambling funds as set forth by the Minnesota Legislature and enforced by the Minnesota Gambling Control Board. For more details on these rules and regulations, see Chapter 12 (Lawful Purpose Expenditures) of the Lawful Gambling Manual.

Donations to Fire Department

If you would like to donate to the Fertile Firefighter's Relief Association please contact Brian Grunhovd for details.